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Keeping people safe

Keeping peoplesafe

From constantly improving safeguarding policies, to installing solar lights that make refugee camps more secure, keeping people safe is a vital part of our work worldwide. Oxfam is changing to better protect the people we serve.

Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/ Oxfam

The Charity Commission

We have been working with the charity regulators for England and Wales, as they look into Oxfam GB's handling of misconduct in 2011. Learn more

Independent Commission Report

An independent commission of safeguarding experts has reviewed our culture and working practices globally. Read more here.

How we are keeping people safe

We have tripled our investment in safeguarding, created a new Director of Safeguarding role reporting directly to the CEO, and have rolled out a mandatory safeguarding awareness course for 10,000 Oxfam employees worldwide. But we won't stop there. Living by our values is every bit as important as what we achieve, and we must not lose sight of that. Abuse - in all its forms - has no place in what we do, and we will work hard to make our organisation safe and secure for everyone.

Follow our progress 

Safeguarding in our work around the world


Training during the Indonesia Tsunami and Earthquake

Local Oxfam safeguarding lead Cahyanti, pictured centre, runs safeguarding training for our local partner organisation, staff and volunteers delivering vital aid. During emergencies, such as the disaster that hit Sulawesi in late 2018, we work collaboratively with local people and organisations to respond to the community. It's vital that everyone involved is equipped to help keep people safe at such a critical time.

Oxfam Mobile Unit

Preventing exploitation of the most vulnerable

Nosiba Ahmed works for Oxfam as a Cultural Mediator in Italy. She reaches out to the most vulnerable migrants, helping to protect them from trafficking and violations of their rights to seek asylum. Having come from Sudan as a migrant herself,she really cares about building trust with people in the same situation. "Sometimes we meet people and they are hopeless... We can tell them, 'actually, there is something you can do. You have rights'." 

Breaking down the barriers women and girls face

Grace's two-hour walk to school in rural Malawi made her vulnerable. It was unsafe, she was often late and her work suffered. She used to worry about her journey. But everything changed when she got a bike from Oxfam. These days, it's easier - and safer - for Grace to get the education she needs to overcome poverty.

Our programmes are designed to defend women and girls' rights to an education, a living and freedom from fear of violence. We won't allow anything to undermine that vital work.

Oxfam's safeguarding and related policies

Got a question?

If you'd like to know more about our work, or the changes we're making to keep people safe around the world, please do get in touch.